Summit climb to the Vermoispitze: report from Reinhard Jakubowski

The Vermoispitze (2,929 m) – observation hill at Latsch in the Vinschgau

Again the Vermoispitze! I had already been up this peak in August 2006 and decided not to do this long and steep tour again. But whoever loves the solitude of the mountain is advised not ot miss this gorgeous observation mountain north of Latsch.

Our hiking group

Photo: M. Banken

From the cable car station St. Martin im Kofel our hiking target, die Vermoispitze, can be seen in a far distance.

On 11. September 2008 - South Tyrol’s main season – we have met all day long only nine like-minded people on our mountain climb, struggling up and down the 1,200 meters, like the three of us.

The three of us, that is my wife Bärbel and myself (Reinhard) and our son in law Michael, who improves our average age of 55 years with his 36 years considerably.

From Tschars in the Vinschgau (where we like to spend our holidays for some years now in a comfortably run family hotel) we drive to Latsch (641 m) with the car at 8.45 hours.

With the cable car from Latsch to St. Martin

Photo: Reinhard Jakubowski

We start our mountain tour with a ride in the cable car from Latsch to St. Martin im Kofel, 1,736 m high.

We are lucky to get the cable car at 9 o’clock up to St. Martin im Kofel (1,736 m). We are of the opinion that, for a mountain almost 3,000 m high, we are pretty late, but we did not want to miss our delicious breakfast in the hotel.

The cabin lifts us up with the first hikers and climbers and 15 minutes later we can enjoy from the cable car station an early, but misty glance at Latsch, the Vinschgau and across to the opposite Martell Valley.

Today the weather won’t be against us, blue sky, view clouds, almost no wind and up here, at almost 1,700 m, it is with approx. 10 °C so pleasant, that we can get started short-sleeved at 9.20 hours.

The 3-hour ascent begins

Photo: Reinhard Jakubowski

The Pilgrimage Chapel St. Martin thrones above the Vinschgau and the Marrtelltal.

At the Pilgrimage Church St. Martin we follow up the drive way on the left. Brand new signposts show us the way, and I notice that the numbering of the path has changes from 8 to 9.

Quietly we walk on a wide path uphill through thin forest and find the shady start very comfortable. After 22 minutes the forest opens to an alpine pasture and again we can see our target, still so far away, which we had already envisaged from the cable-car station.

Already now we have noticed that we are faster than the signposts show. It says that the ascent would take 3 hours and 50 minutes. Some hikers say 3 hours 30 minutes. Our time of ascent will take 2 hour 55 minutes. The specification is more than generously calculated, even for slow ramblers.

Words by Reinhard Jakubowski from Gladbeck. Pictures by Reinhard Jakubowski and Michael Banken. They are being used with the kind permission of the authors.

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