Sonnenberger Panoramaweg: holiday report from Reinhard Jakubowski

On the Sonnenberger Panoramaweg from Naturns to Partschins

The Sonnenberger Panoramaweg, with a good view, runs along the Vinschgau Sonnenberg between Naturns (554 m) and Partschins (626 m).

Like all hiking trips on the veld-like Sonnenberg, also for this tour the best time seems to be spring and autum, when it is not that hot yet, respectively when it has already cooled off.

The permanent, glorious panoramic view of the villages in the Etsch Valley and the dark green slopes of the Nörderberg opposite, make this path unique.

With the Vinschgerbahn to Naturns

On a sunny morning in spring the Vinschgerbahn takes us to Naturns, our starting point. Immediately at the railway station we cross the Etsch bridge and within 10 minutes we get to the town centre at the inn “Zum Adler”.

(Photo: Reinhard Jakubowski)(Photo: Bärbel Jakubowski)(Photo: Reinhard Jakubowski)
  • Left: Most of our tours start at a railway station of the Vinschgerbahn, like here the station in Naturns (in the background: Tscharser Sonnenberg). The Vinschgerbahn is ideal to comfortably get to the places and municipalities on the route to Vinschgau from Merano.
  • Centre: The Prokulus Museum in Naturns, built below-ground, shows with the example of 4 epochs the history of the people in this region.
  • Right: Castle Hochnaturns is private property and the landmark of Naturns.

Naturns in the lower Vinschgau

The municipality Naturns has approx. 5.350 inhabitants, it includes the fractions Staben, Tabland and Tschirland. Unbelievable, 315 days of sunshine per year are being recorded.

Naturns has some art treasures to offer. As an example: the St. Prokulus Church with early medieval frescos, the Parish Church St. Zeno and Castle Hochnaturns.

(Photo: Reinhard Jakubowski)

St. Prokulus Church at the outskirts of Naturns has been built in the 7th century a.C. and is famous for its frescoes from that period.

Further sights are Castle Juval, the domicile of Reinhold Messner at the entrance to the Schnalstal and the interesting Naturparkhaus.

And – maybe less known – here we find South Tyrol’s most powerful hydroplant. The 2 km long pressure pipeline with a diameter of 2 meters runs conspicuously along the slope of the Naturnser Sonnenberg

Sightseeing in Naturns

We cross the main road and walk along the Schlossweg towards the Castle Hochnaturns. After approx. 500 metres we turn to the right in front of the castle and follow the signpost No. 91, the Sonnenberg Panoramaweg.

We accept a short side trip to St. Prokulus Church and the opposite museum, befor we start our tour at 9.45 hours.

Words by Reinhard Jakubowski from Gladbeck. Pictures by Bärbel and Reinhard Jakubowski. They are being used with the kind permission of the authors.

Reports and wordings of guest authors are not necessarily the opinion of the owner of the media.

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