Sonnenberger Panoramaweg: holiday report from Reinhard Jakubowski

On the Sonnenberg Panoramaweg from Naturns to Partschins

On the way from yard to yard

First of all we walk from yard to yard until the bituminization ends at the Raunterhof. Orchards, meadow-slopes and stone walls hem the way, while Naturns remains behind us.

The „Buschschank Weinberghof“ and „Runsthof“ are the next stations which we pass.

It is 10.45 hours, when below us Plaus is visible in the valley. A glorious vantage point! Whoever wants to enjoy this much longer, can rest on a bench with a table, and dream.

(Photo: Bärbel Jakubowski)(Photo: Bärbel Jakubowski)(Photo: Bärbel Jakubowski)
  • Left: At the start of the Sonnenberg Panoramaweg we pass some farmyards.
  • Centre: On our way we pass the dilapidated Runster mill.
  • Right: Along the Sonnenberg Panoramaweg are continuously glorious observation points with a view to the Vinschgau, the Meraner Becken and the surrounding places.

On path No. 91 past Rabland

Path branch-offs are being ignored and we stick to our No. 91, which now gets somewhat rockier and here and there more exposed. Railings and big steps provide security and comfort.

Again and again lizards are rustling in withered leaves on the left slope. It is bone-dry and even for this day in spring already quite warm. We can imagine how sudorific it can get on this path in midsummer. Something to drink must therefore always be carried.

Close to 11 o’clock Rabland is in front of us and shortly afterwards we have the first visual contact with our destination Partschins.

At the Winklerhof (682 m) the Panoramaweg comes to an end and we cross the Zielbach (brook) over a suspension bridge.

The pure rambling time for this path is 2 hours.

(Photo: Bärbel Jakubowski)(Photo: Reinhard Jakubowski)(Photo: Reinhard Jakubowski)
  • Left: The footpath in the direction of Rabland leads sometimes uphill and sometimes downhill along the slope.
  • Centre: Railings and steps help to cross more exposed and rocky passages.
  • Right: After the suspension bridge across the Zielbach it is not far to Partschins.

Option 1

Whoever wants to return form here to Naturns can descend via the No. 1 to Rabland. At the altitude of the village don’t take the right turn on the 1 into the village, but continue straight, down to the Etsch and to the railway station.

From here either directly by train back to Naturns or by foot along the Etsch embankment promenade.

The latter is not really advisable, because on the one hand one walkes on asphalt somewhat tedious (perhaps in blazing sunshine) on a stretch that drags on, and on the other hand one has to be wary – especially later in the season -, of cyclists, since some of them are rather briskly on their way.

Words by Reinhard Jakubowski from Gladbeck. Pictures by Bärbel and Reinhard Jakubowski. They are being used with the kind permission of the authors.

Reports and wordings of guest authors are not necessarily the opinion of the owner of the media.

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