The promenades of Merano: Strolling along the Passer in Merano

The promenades of Merano

Kurpromenade in Merano with the Kurhaus in the background.

Many events take place at the Merano Spa Hotel and the spa promenade is a favourite meetings point in Merano.

The famous promenades of Merano are landmarks of this spa town. They run smoothly, without special gradient along the Passer or along the slopes of the Küchelberg. Due to the sunny and protected site as well as the modest humidity in winter sub tropical flora can be found all the year.

The Spa Promenade

The Passer promenade runs between the Theater Bridge and Post Bridge at the right bank of the Passer. It is dominated by the Merano Spa Hotel, a Classicism and Art Nouveau building with a beautiful concert hall.

Winter Promenade and Summer Promenade

Starting at the Post Bridge, the winter promenade with its Art Nouveau lobby and the shady summer promenade lead along the Passer up-stream. At the start of the winter promenade is a monument for Empress Sissi, who liked to stay in Merano.

The "Steinerne Steg" at the exit of the Gilf ravine is the junction of the flower-decorated sommer and winter promenade. This Roman arch bridge across the Passer is from the 16th century. From here the sunny Gilf promenade leads up to the Zeno Castle and the Powder Tower (Pulverturm).

View from the summer promenade to the winter promenade and the Wandelhalle on the other side of the starting point of the Winterpromenade along the river Passer in Merano.Memorial of the austrian empress Sissi at the Summerpromenade of Merano.The Wandelhalle is the starting point of the Winterpromenade along the river Passer in Merano.
  • Left: The mediterranian flora and the alpine panorama of the surrounding mountains determine the charm of the promandes of Merano.
  • Centre: Monument of the Austrian Empress Sissi at the summer promenade in Merano. She visited Merano several times, and contributed to its fame as a spa town.
  • Right: The lobby on the winter promenade in Merano was buit in 1889. Indoors, paintings of South Tyrolean landscapes as well as a roll of honour of people with special merits for Merano can be seen. In the background the steeple of the Parish Church of Merano can be seen.

The Tappeiner Trail

The most beautiful promenade in Merano is, however, the Tappeiner Trail, crossing the sunny south side of the Küchelberg. It is named after its initiator, the Merano spa physician Franz Tappeiner.

Starting at the Powder Tower (Pulverturm) one can walk along the Tappeiner Trail up to Gratsch. From there across the Falknerweg to Dorf Tirol or across the Algunder Waalweg to Algund.

From Merano access to the Tappeiner Trail is either possible at the Gilf ravine across the Gilf promenade or across the Tiroler Steig, that leads behind the Parish Church of Merano to Dorf Tirol and crosses the Tappeinerweg.

The Tappeinerweg is surrounded by sub tropical flora and offers an impressive view of the Old Town of Merano as well as the many fruit and vineyards of the Meraner Land, also known as Burggrafenamt.

The Pulverturm is the starting point of the Tappeiner Trail in Merano.Mediterranean plants along the Gilfpromenade in Merano.The Steinerne Steg is an arch bridge from the middle age across the river Passer in Merano.
  • Left: The Powder Tower (Pulverturm) at the beginning of the Tappeiner Trail in Merano is nowadays a ruin, and was the former donjon of the Castle Ortenstein. Inside a staircase leads up and allows a wonderful view of Merano.
  • Centre: Serpentines lead from the Tappeiner Trail down to the Passer. There, at the Gilf promenade the climate is ideal for mediterranian plants: pleasantly cool in summer, marvellously mild in winter.
  • Right: The Steinerne Steg across the Passer in Merano lies at the end of the Gilf ravine. The Roman arch bridge is the junction of the winter and summer promenade and originates from the 16th century.

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Sight Seeing in Merano

The sights in Merano are well worth seeing: from middle age buildings in the Old Town, museums and the botanical garden to the Kurhaus of Merano with the gorgeously decorated promenades.