Museums in Merano and vicinity

Museums in Merano

Learn more about the traditions and customs as well as culture and history of South Tyrol. Merano and the Meraner Land have a lot to offer to museum enthuisiasts.

City Museum of Merano

Rennweg with the City Museum of Merano.

Rennweg with the City Museum is one of the main roads in the centre of Merano.

The Merano City Museum was established in 1900 and is one of the oldest museums in South Tyrol. Presently, part of the collection is shown at the former inn Roter Adler at Rennweg, till the new location at Steinachplatz is ready.

The Merano City Museum was founded by the art and Tirolensien collector Franz Innerhofer, whose collection of gothic sculptures and baroque paintings of Tyrolean masters form the basis of the collection.

Women Museum Evelyn Ortner

This museum displays Europe’s largest and most comprehensive collection of women’s clothing, accessories and everyday items, starting from the turn of the century till the nineties of the 20th century.

The exhibition in Laubengasse 68 is continuously altered, new topics and the focus deriving from the actual fashion and everyday items are being prepared approx. every 3 years. Coherence is of particular importance.

The Women Museum was established by Evelyn Ortner in 1988( † 1997). Her extensive collection, which she started by buying a little hand bag at the age of 17, took her 40 years of gathering.

Museums in the castles and palaces of Merano and vicinity

The tourism museum of Merano, the Touriseum, is located in Castle Trauttmannsdorff. The castle is surrounded by the botanical garden of Merano.

If you are interested in the history and culture of South Tyrol then it is a must to visit one of the numerous castles and palaces in Burggrafenamt.

Not only the castles’ various architectural structures, having been extended and reconstructed during the years, are of interest, but also the collections of weapons, furniture and works of art, giving an impression of life in the Middle Ages. Furthermore, quite often wall frescos are being preserved, which are of great art-historical importance.

Castles and palaces around Merano are venue for special exhibitions and tournaments. In some of them museums are located.

  • Landesfürstliche Burg (Sovereign Castle) in Merano: collection of furnitures, weapons and pictures of the Middle Ages.

  • South Tyrolean Museum of Tourism at Trauttmannsdorff Castle in Merano: the Touriseum was opened in spring 2003 and shows the historic development of tourism in South Tyrol.

  • Viniculture Museum at Castle Rametz in Merano: collection of antique working tools, used for wine-growing and agriculture at the time.

  • South Tyrolean National Museum for Culture and History at Castle Tirol in Dorf Tirol: different premises of the castle are being used to multimedially process the history of South Tyrol based on various themes.

    The range of subjects stretches from the Tyrolean sovereign and members of society, life at the Middle Ages, legislation and administration up to the country’s history in this century.

  • Reinhold Messner’s Mountain Museum at Castle Juval in Schnalstal: the collection includes historic pictures, frescos, a collection of masks (with exhibits of five different continents), gnomes, trolls, Asiatic figures, Messner’s expedition equipment, and many more.

Museums in the vicinity of Merano

Peter Mitterhofer’s Typewriter Museum in Partschins

Typewriter Museum Peter Mitterhofer in Partschins

The Typrewriter Museum in Partschins

Peter Mitterhofer was the inventor of the typewriter and the museum tells us more about the historic development of the typewriter.

The museum houses approx. 900 items from 1864-1980. 300 can be admired in Peter Mitterhofer’s Typewriter Museum.

Museum Passeier –Andreas Hofer in St. Leonhard in Passeier

A Folklore museum can be found at Sandhof in the Passeiertal, the home town of Andreas Hofer (1767-1810). The emphasis lies on the Tyrolean fight for freedom in 1809, led by Andreas Hofer. Furthermore, there is a listening room with music being played, legends and folk tales being told.

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