Schlandrauner Höhenweg: Reinhard Jakuboswki’s holiday report

Gorgeous mountain panorama

(Photo: Reinhard Jakubowski)

We take a rest and enjoy the view of the majestic scenery of the 3.000 m high mountains of the Ortler Alps in their winter clothes. In the picture: Laaser Spitz resp. Orgelspitze (3.305 m).

Having enjoyed on this wonderful „observation balcony“, sheltered from wind in the sunshine, for 45 minutes in silent togetherness, the magnificent panorama of the dark green Nörderberg with its snow covered peaks of the Laaser Spitz (3.305 m), Zufrittspitze (3.439 m) and Ortler-Berge, we are now continuing at 12.20 hours our path No. 14 to Schlanders. (This place is perfect for a picknick, because here you can find, sheltered from wind, tables and benches).

10 minutes later we get off the farm road, turn to the left and follow No. 14 down the slope through sparse woodland, repeatedly crossing the asphalted motor road that leads up to Hof Tappein.


At this point the enthusiastic hiker has the chance to take the extended route via Castle Schlandersberg, if one remains on the farm road, No. 11, to Hof Tappein.

Later on one meets here with the asphalted approach road, that leads up to the farmstead. From there the “7” – again now and then crossing the motor road –leads to the castle and to Fisolgut, where one can stop for a bite, in order to have enough strength for the steep and rocky descent to Schlanders.

The constant view of Schlanders, which gets closer bit by bit, distinguishes this path, which, however, requires sure-footedness.

Whoever is not yet enchanted enough by this tour, can descent via footpath No. 5 through the Schlandraun ravine along the Ilzwaals to Schlanders.

Downhill to Schlanders

(Photo: Bärbel Jakubowski)

Final descent to Schlanders over rocky terrain on footpath No. 14

Our path 14 runs through a forest aisle, just like a dried out riverbed. After further switches between motor road and forest path we have soon afterwards arrived at a junction at an altitude of 1000 m, which on the one hand offers the possibility to walk over to Vetzan (No. 11) or on the other hand up to Schlandersberg (No. 14 b).

Our path No. 14 signalizes another 40 minutes to the centre.

We have started to tackle the last bit of our way down to Schlanders, that is now within one’s reach, over steps of rock. Caution is advisable!

The mountain track ends on a big meadow, which we cross on a narrow path. Then it goes on a bridge over the Schlandrauner brook along an embankment on the left-hand side.

Words by Reinhard Jakubowski from Gladbeck. Pictures by Bärbel and Reinhard Jakubowski. They are being used with the kind permission of the authors.

Reports and wordings of guest authors are not necessarily the opinion of the owner of the media.

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